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About ForceDecks

Developed by UK-based NMP (Neuromuscular Performance) Technologies, ForceDecks platforms are used by training, medical and sports science practitioners to monitor - and ultimately improve - the aspects of neuromuscular performance that underpin the sporting performance of elite athletes.

ForceDecks dual platforms measure force at 1000Hz (data points per second) when static and dynamic actions performed on them – for example in the take-off and landing phases of a jump. At a click of a button, NMP's proprietary software then provides feedback on key metrics related to athletic performance. The ForceDecks system is currently being used at over 35 elite-level sports teams and institutes including Manchester United, Barcelona, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Our mission from the outset was to take force-platform testing out of the lab and put it into the hands of athletic coaches and strength and conditioning professionals. This is what we have achieved, and the results have been described by professionals within elite sport as “game-changing”.